Workinggroup for Biotech-Food Safety,
GI-Microbiota and Epigenetics

       Department for Nutritional Research; University Vienna
       and the Dep. for Microbiology and Genetics, Human Ecology/ Anthropology

senior: Berit Hippe, Eva Aumueller              
Alexander G. Haslberger,  C.V.
          Marlene Remely, Angelika Pointner                Publications: research gate >>>

Working areas 

BT-Foods, health, molecular epidemiology
GMO, Monitoring and labelling, Science,    GMO, Integrated risk assessment
Die ganze Welt ein Feld, WTO; Die Furche, Genetic Testing, OECD start for regulations
EU-FP: Public Health Genomic;   Folic acid personal and personalized prevention

Bacteria in foods and in the GI tract, probiotics

GI microbiota and ageing, GI Microbiota and short chain fatty acids
GI-microbiota and chemo/antibiotic therapy, GI microbiota, Probiotics. analytical methods, bookchapter
Microbiota and diabetes

Epigenetics: environment, lifestyle, nutrition

Epigenetics and evolution, Medical Hypothesis, Epigenetics and Nutrition
Epigenetics and food ingredients, Book Epigenetics and human health
Nutrition epigenetics and DNA repair